Payment Tracker - Overview

You have participated in a group event.  Everything went well and you feel happy.  You and some other participants have paid some money for the group during the event.  Do you find keeping track the payments troublesome?  What's more, calculating the settlement amount of each member and showing them how the amounts are arrived are often even more difficult.

Now, our Android Application Payments Tracker can help.

The Payments Tracker is an easy to use and handy application if you participate in some group events/activities, and costs of the events are not settled by each member immediately after each payment.  A typical example is a tour of several days.

Main features of the application:

  •     Multiple events can be defined.
  •     Multiple currencies in each event are supported.
  •     Flexible splitting of payment amounts to members
  •     Import / export of payment records to/from external files
  •     Use exported payment records to create new event
  •     3 types of reports (individual member, group summary, full payment list)


Reports can be exported to external files for further distribution

Try it out so that you can enjoy your events more!